National Freelancers Day 2016

2016 Event is months too soon

Ready for NFD in November this year? Oops, it's been moved to June.

2012 Event in the UK

With the British economy still in tatters and reeling from 13 years of Gordon Brown's "stewardship", most right-thinking folks (outside investment banking anyway) have turned their backs on employment and become freelancers. However, self-employment is not all a bed of roses. There are many nefarious regulations put in place (guess who did that) to make freelancing seem more onerous and expensive than ever before.

It is therefore somewhat surprising that the PCG have decided to ask that least honourable of doctors of spin, Mr. Alastair Campbell to present the keynote speech at the 2012 event. You will surely be revolted at this choice and will be informing them in no uncertain terms that you will not be attending this year.